The Lost Empire
The world of Arkalan is one of the strife and monsters, where civilization eked out it’s niche with steel and blood. In the earliest days it is said that ancient races ruled the world,
wielding their overpowering might and knowledge to shape it to their desires. However, the Ancients are no more, instead replaced by ruins of their old cities, inaccessible to many,
a reminder of their once great power but now only a hollow shadow of it.

Many nations have risen from the rubble and fallen back into it over the ages since, but none as grand or as tragic as the Akkadian Empire. Unlocking deep secrets of magic, the empire expanded to dominate the center of the world, bringing awe and envy to all they dealt with, and terrible power against those that stood in their way. Amongst their accomplishments was the rediscovery of how to use the old magi-tech left behind by the mysterious Ancients, which they employed as their ultimate weapon upon the field of battle. None could stand before the might of the Empire and they were poised to take the world.

But then the great Scream occurred.

No one knows what it was, or how it happened, but one day a terrible wave of energies rippled through the very magic of the world. But it is known that it centered upon Akkadia. The Scream tore through the fabric of the plane, savaging spellcasters and crippling works of magic in it’s wake all over the globe. The people of Akkadia, were so close to the scream’s source, their lives were snuffed out instantly when it struck them.

The Empire was no more, its dead inhabitants roaming its land in the form of the walking dead, wraiths and spirits wailing with grief.

The death of the Akkadian Empire wasn’t the only thing accomplished by the Scream. Ruins constructed by the Ancients were unsealed, and from them came the androids. A race unlike any other, servitors of the Ancients, without clear memories of their prehistoric masters. They used instinctual knowledge of the magi-tech of their creators, to mend the flesh of the dead with metal, crystals and grant it new life, creating perfect soldiers: the Forgeborn. With their power they were able to provide safety to surviving races of the land, and unite all under the same banner.

The Coalition was formed.

It’s been 87 years since the creation of the Coalition. Androids have abdicated their power, and granted freedom to Forgeborn in the spirit of equality and peace. Necromancy was Legalized as it proved to be a useful tool in dealing with the undead that infest the east… the former lands of the empire. The Coalition is slowly re-colonizing the land.


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